Hopefully everyone had a a safe New Years and is ready to move on to a new set of films for 2013. Before we do that, let’s take a moment to put together some of last month’s highlights including box office stats, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.

The Hobbit keeps on holding on: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey stands tall over Django Unchained and wins at the final box office for the final weekend of 2012. [Read]

“Too dope for words.”: Jay Z confirmed that he’s working on the score for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. [Read]

“Everyone needs a hobby.”: Skyfall hits the $1 Billion mark globally. [Read]

The Jaded Viewer listed some required viewing material to check out before seeing Django Unchained. [5 Movies You Need To See Before You Watch Django Unchained]

CriticWire has a fun collection of notes from various critics on their picks for overrated or underrated films from 2012. [The Criticwire Survey: The Movie Critics Got Wrong in 2012]

Top 10 Films answers the question ‘Is The Dark Knight Rises the best film of 2012?’ by listing 50 films they liked better. [50 films better than The Dark Knight Rises in 2012]

The Movie Universe reflects of the rocky road of Brandon Routh’s career. [It Should Have Been So Different for Brandon Routh]

Rhino’s Horror looks at the best and worst horror films from the year. [BEST AND WORST OF 2012′S HORROR: PART I – THE BEST]

The Film Police – A really great, self-assured site that vows to help you stay away from crappy movies.

Jolly Buzz – Love the name and the blog! Stop by and get buzzed!

Portfolio Under Review – I’m not sure what’s better, the blog’s amazing content or header image? I kid, the content is king…I’m just a fan of that header is all I’m trying to say.

The Movie Rat – The self-proclaimed “Mallrat for the movies” offers a lot of unique insight on film, thanks to his background as a writer, director, and editor.

Movie Reviews from the Dark – The reviews from this reviewaholic are always entertaining and worth the read.

Best Reviewed Movie: The Hobbit [88%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: The Guilt Trip [66%]

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