Continuing our journey with 2012 In Review, this list discusses teenage superheros, alien lifeforms and time traveling hit men. Take a peek at our collaborative list of the top 5 science fiction movies we watched in 2012.

Honorable Mention: Dredd
The original Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone is generally considered one of the biggest disappointments in modern cinema. Thankfully, the new Judge Dredd won’t have such a negative distinction. While it may not be the best sci-fi movie of the year, it was fun and innovative enough to make our honorable mentions. The plot is perfect for the type of action in the film. The usage of color and the techniques used during slow motion drug-fueled really help add to the fun of watching Dredd. -Rob

#5. John Carter
It’s been a while since this was in theaters but for me it’s one of the best made films of the year. The whole concept was really intriguing to me and the cinematography just adds to it. Sure some of the scenes were hard to follow and some of the language/names didn’t make sense but on the whole, this is a good film. I’m not particularly a fan of sci-fi but this is a solid film that should be appreciated by people of all ages. -Will

#4. Chronicle
One of the year’s biggest surprises came in the form of a found footage/superhero flick. It seemed all too gimmicky when announced, apparently capitalizing on two of the biggest trends hitting theaters, but sitting down with Chronicle was a suprisingly refreshing experience. The high schoolers are grounded in reality and the lead in particular (Dane DeHaan aka LeoDi Part 2) does an excellent job humanizing his character. The movie is fun yet also touching which earns it a spot on this list. -Lindsay


#3. Prometheus
Prometheus was definitely one of the most anticipated Sci-Fi movies of the year. Taking place in the Alien universe, Ridley Scott gives us a brand new story while shedding light on the origin of the iconic Xenomorphs. What really worked for Prometheus was the fact that it’s a movie that leaves you with more questions than answers after the first viewing, then you watch it again to answer those questions only to have new ones. It leaves the audience with just enough ambuiguity to foster discussions (and some debates) over Scott’s vision and intentions. Combine that with H.G. Giger’s epic set peices and sense of grandeur Scott brings to the film, Prometheus is sure to stand the test of time. -Marc

#2. Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas is a gorgeous independent film that is able to tell six stories at once without losing it’s pace or it’s place. Then the stories are surrounded by copious amounts of breathtaking special effects and a beautifully moving score. Few films of this scale are able to accomplish all of that and it just proves the genius that is The Wachowski Siblings and Tom Tykwer. Sadly, Cloud Atlas didn’t have too long of a theatrical run and it’s odds of being recognized this awards season are slim, which is a damn shame. -Nick

Joseph Gordon Levitt
#1. Looper
Based on Rian Johnson’s first two (fantastic) films you might never guess that he would craft one of the best science fiction movies to come out in recent years. Looper spins your standard time travel narrative with a fresh take, inventing the profession of looping. Joseph Gordan-Levitt is transformed into a younger Bruce Willis and the two square off which is a crazy fun showdown between Joe and Old Joe. But the story isn’t just their showdown, as Johnson explores themes of humanity, destiny, and reality taking this film to a whole other level, much like sci-fi classics that have comes before. -Jess

*Notable Exceptions None of Us Have Seen Yet: Beyond the Black Rainbow, Men In Black 3

What were some of your favorite sci-fi films from 2012?