Maybe you’re looking to save a few bucks or the current theater choices just aren’t cutting it. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just as nice to sit at home and watch a good flick. Take a look at this week’s picks for some At-Home Alternatives to the weekly cinema options.

Instead of Playing for Keeps: P.S. I Love You

Playing For Keeps stars Gerard Butler as a suave ex-soccer bad boy who choose to coach his son’s soccer team in the hopes of rekindling the relationship between his ex (played by Jessica Biel) and himself. If you insist on seeing a Butler Rom-Com, at least let it be a good one. Watch PS I Love You; in it Butler plays the love of Hilary Swank’s life who dies prematurely from Brain Cancer. He then posthumously sends her messages for the next year helping her to find herself and find a life without him. Grab the tissues ladies, you’re gonna need them.

Ted (2012)

I’ve really been waiting for this one to hit Blu Ray because I couldn’t catch it in theaters, FTS’ter Rob gave it a pretty good review. Ted is racy, raucous, and ridiculous comedy from the mind of Seth Macfarlane. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg as a man having trouble of letting go of his childhood companion Ted, who just so happens to be a womanizing, foul-mouthed Teddy Bear.

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

With all his physically demanding roles, Jeremy Renner is definitely becoming the new go-to for action. In The Bourne Legacy, Renner takes over the reins for Matt Damon and plays another treadstone agent who is trying to figure out who he really is. Judging from Lindsay’s review, it’s a decent watch and a good addition to the Bourne franchise.

American Horror Story (2011)

So if you’re a listener to our podcast, you’ll remember a couple weeks ago when I expressed how hard it was to find this show outside of buying it on dvd or blu ray (which I ultimately did), now it’s here on instant watch for anyone with an active Netflix account to enjoy. No, I’m not bitter or anything. American Horror Story comes to you from the mind of Ryan Murphy (of Nip/Tuck fame) and is about a family who moves into a house where more than a few people have met an untimely end. Its full of characters, sex, plot twist, sex, blood, crazed infant zombies, and did I mention sex?

American Horror Story Netflix Synopsis: Exploring humankind’s unsettling capacity for evil, this darkly twisted drama plays upon the power of supernatural fears and everyday horrors. Each season brings back familiar faces, but they’re playing different characters in an all-new setting.

What do you plan on watching this week, at home or otherwise? What do you think of my choices?


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