“Insert comment about how fast time goes by / how busy I am.” Yep, it’s already August meaning we are well into the later part of the year and I am as always, shocked to see summer slipping by. I can’t say it’s all bad though because this fall has a lot of promising movies set to release. Before I get into all that though, I put together some of last month’s highlights including box office stats, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.





  • Lights Camera Reaction – This new LAMB is stunning. The site operates to deliver new release reviews as well as interesting features and news. Do yourself a favor and stop by the site today.
  • Film Scope – Another recent addition to LAMB, this site is consistently updated with the latest foreign and indie reviews. Be sure to take a look.
  • Silver Scene – This beautifully simple site contains a treasure trove of reviews. Films reviewed range anywhere from new releases to foreign indies which amounts to a refreshing surprise every time the site updates.
  • Two Tickets For… – This movie review blog is run by a married duo that offer joint opinions and thoughts on various films. They have a great back and forth between each other and also share good taste in flicks!
  • To The Escape Hatch! – This blog isn’t new but I have only recently discovered it. The good thing about that is that there is a lot of content for me to sift through. The multi-contributor blog focuses on music and film and offers up a whole lot of fun features.




12 thoughts on “Month in Review: July

    • Np, it was a great write-up!

      Btw, we need to find some sort of pancake related film blog so the three of us can get together and create some sort of breakfast trilogy of awesomeness. We wouldn’t do anything except acknowledge each other’s greatness.

  1. Thanks for the link, Lindsay!

    The Watch looks like what Joe Cornish would have come up with for Attack the Block if he’d written it with a head wound.

    • Of course, TDYLF is fantastic, I love it!

      I haven’t seen The Watch yet but that description seems accurate hahah. Marc’s review curbed any desire I had to give it a chance.

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