Jess & Lindsay recently appeared on episode #123 of The Lambcast to talk about the Lamb Movie of the Month The Shape of Things. Go listen to see what they thought of the film.

The ladies were joined by Dan G. from Grind My Reels, Dylan from Man I Love Films, and Rachel from Reel Insight. That’s three more awesome reasons to check out the podcast!

You can play or download the podcast here.
You can comment on it here.
Or you can find it on itunes by searching: The Lambcast.

2 thoughts on “Jess & Lindsay on the Lambcast – Eps 123 MOTM The Shape of Things

    • Were you on the show, Nick? Then no.

      If our other super secret podcast ever comes to fruition I have a feeling that both Muppet Treasure Island and Scooby Doo on Zombie Island will be mentioned on more than one occasion.

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