FTS Podcast  Episode 99: FTS Loves Movies Trivia Episode The whole crew is together as Nick hosts a special trivia edition episode where the group plays games as heard on the Doug Benson podcast: Doug Loves MoviesSubscribe to our feed by clicking here!


Points of Interest:

OH YEAH, and now we have a voicemail line you can call into and leave us messages! We promise to play it on the show and chat about it:

424 – CHAT – FTS

3 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 99: FTS LOVES MOVIES

  1. I know it’s lame that I’m commenting on my own podcast but I can’t get over the Rocky finish. Like where the fuck was my brain on that one. I laughed so hard when I edited the cast last night.

  2. So, I was at work doing nothing today and had been taking notes on the last three episodes and decided I would call and leave you guys a voicemail. Don’t know if you guys will play it or not but midway through the call, someone rolled up and needed me to work so I had to cut myself off. Sorry, here’s a couple more comments I meant to make:

    1) If I’m invisible, I’m totally in the girl’s showers at the gym. Any straight guy that says otherwise is either lying or hasn’t had enough drinks yet.

    2) You CAN see Anne Heche’s butthole in the Psycho remake supposedly. Kevin Smith talks about it and supposedly showed it during a live taping of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast. They actually have a theme song dedicated to it.

    3) Thanks to Nick for mentioning he started listening to MILFcast. However, rather than follow that up with “Fun show” or “You should give it a listen” or whatever, he followed it up by saying our game was weak sauce. He followed that in the next episode by saying our Theme Song was bad… that it sounded like a bunch of banjos. How dare you, sir!

    4) Thanks for coming on the show. It was a pleasure to have you. Nick did great on THE GAME and will be a strong competitor in the Tourney of Champs but tell him not to get carried away… he’s like the fifth person to score that high… a club I am in. Muhuahua. :)

    Later guys and dolls and congrats on 100 eps!!!

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