The battles continue! It’s who would win in a fight between Lee and James Bond. Take a look at our character breakdowns and tell us who you think is the bigger badass.

James Bond [from 007/Bond films]

Notorious ladies man and all around killer badass, James Bond aka Agent 007 has been played by a handful of handsome actors over the years. While each of them bring a little variation to the role, the Bond character always carries the same swag

Strengths: Smooth, sophisticated, and able to weasel his way into and out of virtually any situation.  Plus a nearly unlimited supply of gadgets from his old pal Q, including bad-ass automobiles with lasers and rockets and such.

Weaknesses: Every single bad guy in the universe knows who he is and he refuses to carry any weapon bigger than a pistol for longer than a few feet.  He also likes the ladies, leading him to fall victim to one of history’s classic blunders.

(Bruce) Lee [from Enter The Dragon]

Dominate at a “for the best fighters in the world only” tournament, take down an entire shady organization single handedly, and avenge your sister’s death? That’s what Lee calls a weekend. Don’t be fooled by his mild mannered behavior, Lee is a total badass who could knock you out before you started your monologue about why you’re a bigger badass.

Strengths: Extremely fast and powerful with philosophy and smarts that keep him a level headed fighter. Lee has no problem taking on multiple opponents or opponents with weapons. Lee doesn’t need a weapon to win a fight, but he can take several henchmen out with a simple staff or nun chucks–and you really don’t want to face him when he has nun chucks.

Weaknessess: Lee is an incredible fighter who lacks any real emotional vulnerability and has no problem killing an opponent if he has to, but he is still just a man. As badass as he is, he won’t survive multiple gunshot wounds or any sort of major injury of that sort.

Which badass would win the fight? Who should move on in the bracket? You decide!
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