Being resident Baltimore dwellers, last October FTS was honored with the chance to interview director James McTeigue and actor Luke Evans about their upcoming film The Raven when they stopped by Baltimore to check out the famous grave site of the film’s subject: Edgar Allen Poe. Not only did I get to do the interview in the Catacombs of the church but afterwards I was able to take some photos of the duo during their public Q&A and tour of the graves. Click though to get the full story.

To listen to the interview, featuring everything from recreating old Baltimore to the director and actor’s take on 3D films as entertainment, click the link below:

Interview With The Raven Director James McTeigue & Star Luke Evans

To check out all the photos taken at Poe’s Grave, featuring one of my favorite man-crushes Luke Evans, click the link below:

Photos of The Raven Director James McTeigue & Star Luke Evans at Poe’s Grave


The Raven is in theaters Friday, April 27th 2012.