Listen up everyone! I am honored and stoked to bring forth the message that the French Toast Sunday Scavenger Hunt will be back again for the third year in a row!! This year we present to you the French Toast Sunday Third Annual Scavenger Hunt: Zombie Apocalypse Edition!

This is, of course, our customary preliminary announcement for the hunt, but I do have a few juicy details to share and hopefully get you excited to participate. First off, we have set a date. Saturday, July 7th 2012 will be the big day, so if you think you will be in the Baltimore area and know you want to attend, coordinate your plans to be free all day!

The Basic Stuff:
If you haven’t participated in the hunt before, this is the basic gist of what it’s all about: Our scav hunt is a game in which teams work together to gather a random assortment of items, as well as perform a multitude of tasks for points. The team that earns the most points in the end wins!

The Theme Stuff:
Last year the Scav Hunt held a loose theme of ‘Year in Review” where we had a special category for items & actions pertaining to films that had been released in the year prior. In addition to that, we added multiple categories of  film genres. This year, we wanted to stay in the “2012 might be the end of the world” theme and decided to play with our favorite apocalypse scenario: zombies! The list and challenges will have a section specifically relating to our theme.

The New Stuff:
Once again, you can always expect something new from the Scav Hunt. We did what we always do and went back to the drawing board, evaluating what worked and what needed help from the past years challenge and came up with improvements. The biggest change this year will be the list itself. The list, which contains over 450 items/actions to find and complete, is getting a complete overhaul. About 85% of the stuff will be brand new but we will also be including a very special category tentatively titled the ‘Legendary List” which contains epic past list items/actions that for whatever reason, have never been completed. We can’t give away the specifics, but we will tell you that you will be in for a real treat for completing something in that category.

Also, we may ask for $1 donations this year, if you all would be so kind! We will most likely be renting a hall this year for the checkpoints and after party viewing ceremony so any help would be awesome.

The List Stuff:
As I mentioned previously the list typically includes over 450 + items and actions(or tasks). It’s currently in the revision process, so if you have any ideas for teams, actions, or any general ideas at all, please email them to me at :

Stay tuned in here at for more updates on Scav Hunt 2012!