Maybe you’re looking to save a few bucks or the current theater choices just aren’t cutting it. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just as nice to sit a home and watch a good flick. Take a look at this week’s picks for some At-Home Alternatives to the weekly cinema options.

Instead of The Cabin In The Woods: The House on Haunted Hill

This is a tough one for a couple of reasons.  First, based on everything I’ve read about this movie, including Lindsay’s review (which you can read here), everyone should run out and see this movie at least twice.  Hell, I don’t even know why I haven’t seen it yet. Secondly, the production of this movie was kept so hush-hush and reviewers have been VERY careful as to not spoil the movie for readers, we don’t know much about the movie outside of what is shown in the trailer.  So with that being said, if you MUST stay home and NOT see Cabin (you better have a damn good reason not to) then you could watch The House on Haunted Hill. Haunted Hill is about a group of people who are brought together to see if they can survive a night in a house, on a hill, that appears to be haunted.  It is the advice of French Toast Sunday that you put The House on Haunted Hill on the shelf and go see The Cabin In the Woods…….NOW!

Instead of Lockout: Assault on Precinct 13

Guy Pearce stars in this sci-fi action romp as a man sent to a maximum security prison in space to save the President’s daughter.  Yup.  So instead of watching a movie where a good cop is trying to break out of prison, watch a movie where bad cops are trying to break into a prison. Assault on Precinct 13 is an action packed remake staring Ethan Hawke as a cop trying to prevent a gang of crooked cops trying to break into a police station to cover up their indiscretions.

Instead of The Three Stooges: Mystery Team

When I heard that a Three Stooges movie was in the works I literally made this face (⌐_⌐).  Instead of wasting your time, money, and brains cells on Hollywood’s latest reboot, stay home and watch Mystery Team by the guys over at Derrick Comedy.  Mystery Team is about a group of neighborhood friends that solve local mysteries until one day they stumble across an actual murder. It’s a fun movie and it stars Donald Glover before he made it big on Community, what more could you want?

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep stars as Margaret Thatcher in her Oscar Winning performance in The Iron Lady.  The sheer strength of Meryl’s acting chops alone makes this movie a mustsee.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

If after watching Cabin you’re left with a hankering of all things Whedon and Goddard, you should check out their cult-status TV work on Buffy and Angel. The two series are very near and dear to my heart, but newcomers can easily pick it up with its punchy dialogue and witty humor.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Netflix Synopsis: Despite her desire to live a normal life at Sunnydale High, tough-as-nails teenager Buffy Summers fulfills her mystical calling as a Slayer to protect humankind from vampires, demons and other supernatural creatures…with some help from her freinds.

Angel Netflix Synopsis: In this Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, the titular character — and former love of Buffy Summers — proves just how difficult it is to deal with a conscience when you’ve been living without one for hundreds of years. His human soul having been restored by avenging gypsies, vampire Angel (David Boreanaz) now makes Los Angeles his home and redemption his mission — a task thwarted by the demonic forces that thrive there.

What do you plan on watching this week, at home or otherwise? What do you think of my choices?