Can you believe it’s been 13 years since American Pie came out?  I know, shocking, right? Well it looks like those guys are planning a reunion and it got me thinking.  What other high school reunions might we be interested in seeing?

The Breakfast Club

Does a more iconic group of highschoolers exist?  I would love to know what ever became of the jock, the nerd, the weird girl, the pothead, the cheerleader.  What are they doing with their lives nowadays.  I’m betting the pothead is on parole by this point in his life.  The princess probably had some major addiction issues, maybe she’s even a pornstar, who knows? The only ones I can’t really place are the jock and the braniac, what do you think those guys are doing these days?



Ok, this one is more recent, just over 5 years old.  However, I’m still very curious what a reunion would look like for the Brendan, the Pin, the Brain, Biff, the whole gang.  Mostly, I just want an excuse to talk like they did in the movie.  Come to think of it, I wonder if they would still be talking that way at their reunion.  Would there still be a massive crime ring?  Maybe they’re doing something more adult  now?



This isn’t your classic high-school movie.  BUT, it’s my favorite high school sports film, so it makes the list.  Coach Dale rallies a team (and a town) together and drives toward the championship.  I wonder what the rest of his career looked like after that season.  I’m dying to know if the town drunk ever sobered up for good and what became of the athletes.  On second thought, I feel like Hoosiers Reunion would just be depressing.  These high school athletes are probably chubby middle-aged guys now with boring jobs and ugly wives.  Pass.



I’m typically not a fan of musicals but I mean, it’s Grease, how can you not like it?  And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John on screen reprising their romance once again.  I wonder if Danny and Sandy are still together? More than 30 years have passed since their time in High School so statistically it’s doubtful.  I’m sure the dynamics of the group now would be totally different but still a bunch of old dudes in leather jackets, kickin’ it old school?  I’d watch that. (RIP Jeff Conaway)



Just kidding (even though Hollywood is ready for the remake.)  Actually, could they have a reunion of just ghosts?  After all, only Sue Snell survived and based on the dreams she’s having, suicide is a definite possibility.  This could be fun to watch, “Carrie’s Ghost Reunion” coming to a theater near you!


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This would easily be the best reunion movie.  It’s a lot like American Pie with a more interesting plot and a rockstar cast.  Granted the actors have aged quite a bit since this film debuted 20 years ago but I’m sure they are just as immature as they once were.   Although, it makes you think, can Sean Penn still pull off the high-school stoner look?  Yeah, I think he has it down to a science now.  I wonder if Stacy and Rat ever went all the way?



Can I be honest? I hated this movie, Sorry Marc.  It’s on the list because I really want to see what the characters act like as adults.  I really hope the parents cut them off and they got really shitty jobs making minimum wage and get to see what life is like for the 99%.  Can somebody please make this film?


What High School Movie casts would you like to see together again?