Who will overcome? It’s who would win in a fight between Chev Chellios and The Bride. Take a look at our character breakdowns and tell us who you think is the bigger badass.

Chev Chellios [from the Crank films]

His name is Chev Chellios and he is a trained assassin willing to go to some balls out extremes to stay alive and seek revenge.

Strengths: Chev has hitman training and superb skills with a gun, motorcycle and car. The man has no fear and at some points it seems as though he just             CAN’T DIE!

Weaknesses: The man needs constant adrenaline and has some serious girlfriend issues.


Beatrix Kiddo [from the Kill Bill series]

Motivated by revenge, Beatrix / The Bride / Black Mamba is a badass female assassin, disobeying her old code to go after the people who stole her trust.

Strengths: The Bride has outstanding sword skills, years of training with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, Martial Arts training under Pai Mei, and insane amounts of determination. She wields a Katana forged by the legendary Hattori Hanzo and has mastered the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

Weaknessess: Her main motivation is revenge which works for and against her. She is also caught up with family issues.


Which badass would win in a fight? Who should move on in the bracket? You decide!
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