FTS Podcast  Episode 91: Films About Film. The group discusses their favorite films about film and also detail the new choices for the next round of You Should Watch This. Subscribe to our feed by clicking here!


Points of Interest:
  • What We Watched: Immortals, Jeff Who Lives At Home, Silent House, Friends With Kids, and 21 Jump Street
  • Doug Benson’s podcast: Doug Loves Movies
  • Will Sucks.


OH YEAH, and now we have a voicemail line you can call into and leave us messages! We promise to play it on the show and chat about it:

424 – CHAT – FTS

2 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 91: Films About Film

  1. So I was enjoying some French Toast Sunday today, what with you all talking up some films about films when…the episode up and ended at ~38 minutes. Here I thought it was just gonna be a short ep before I started it. You aware of this?

    Though, really Will – that’s the best you could do for Get Shorty? It would definitely be in my top 3 and might even be number 1…way to sell it as “some mob movie about mob guys doing mob things for money…and stuff.” BTW, I never saw Be Cool – it’s supposed to be shitty and I loved the first so I avoided it.

    Others in contention: Be Kind, Rewind, The Player, and, of course, Boogie Nights.

  2. Yeah, I’m aware of the issue with the stupid cut off at 38 mins and I have no clue how the hell it happened. It sucks, someone let me know the first day we put it up but I just haven’t had time to look into it just yet 🙁 But thanks for listening to whats up there!

    Will was in the worst mood during the whole podcast, he was being a little bitch. But I think Marc picks Be Kind Rewind and I was going to do Boogie Nights but I’ve talked about it on the last three podcasts :-X

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