FTS Podcast  Episode 90: Guess That Soundtrack! There’s a full house tonight/day/whenever you listen to this podcast! It’s team “‘Venn Diagram’ versus team “The Gradient.” Listen to see who comes out on top! Subscribe to our feed by clicking here!


Points of Interest:
  • Trivia Game, Guess That Soundtrack!
  • Team Venn Diagram V. The Gradient
  • What We Watched: John Carter, Undefeated, The Departed, Inside Job and Underworld


OH YEAH, and now we have a voicemail line you can call into and leave us messages! We promise to play it on the show and chat about it:

424 – CHAT – FTS

One thought on “FTS Podcast Eps 90: Guess That Soundtrack!

  1. I know you all (or maybe just Lindsay) thought these were way too easy across the board, but I really dug this episode. Sometimes on the trivia episodes, I feel like the questions are too easy, but you guys had me beat here, with some great pulls-out-of-asses and just great knowledge and guesses.

    Is there a person alive more deadpan than Dave? I think not. He cracks me up.

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