Here at FTS we want to give a random weekly top 10 list about..well whatever we want. Today, Lindsay lists off: Top 10 Dario Argento (directed) Films


10. Phenomena
Phenomena sufferes on occasion from it’s odd concept but is still made watchable by it’s inclusion of the young Jenifer Connely, whose innocence and beauty helps the film at evey turn.


09. Two Evil Eyes (The Black Cat)
Two Evil Eyes is a double feature film about two separate Edgar Allen Poe stories with efforts from both Dario Argento and zombie king George A. Romero. Argento’s “The Black Cat” stars Harvey Keitel as a forensic photographer that begins to despise the stray cat brought home by his girlfriend. In just a short amount of time, the film progresses from a simple idea into a real mess of madness.


08. The Stendhal Syndrome
The movie’s title comes from a real illness that “causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to art.”  As bizarre as it sounds, Argento boldly works this concept into a his thriller. Not without it’s lows, The Stendhal Syndrome is boosted by an uncharacteristically fearless performance from Dario’s own daughter, Asia Argento.


07. Opera
Argento’s well known love for opera takes a seat front row center in this film about a young opera starlet who is stalked by a psychopath that begins killing everyone close to her. There are a few small failures contained within the story, but the movie is never without it’s terror, especially as the killer forces the protagonist to watch the murders by taping a row of sharp needles to her eyelids. Ouch!


06. Pelts
The most recent film on this list, Pelts is a film directed for the Showtime Masters of Horror series. The tiny film starring Meatloaf as a sordid fur trader, is a gory surprise that packs one hell of a punch in it’s final conclusion.


05. The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Dario’s directorial debut also happens to be one of my favorites. In true giallo fashion, the film opens as a man witnesses a brutal murder attempt but is helpless to stop it. After the attack, he becomes invested in finding out who the culprit is and the movie turns into an admirable mystery with a satisfying conclusion.


04. Tenebre

Another one of our director’s most loved works is Tenebre, a horror thriller bursting with graphic gore. The movie follows a horror writer as he deals with the increasing number of murders happening that copy those he has written in his novels. Every mark of Argento’s best elements are included in this suspenseful whodunit flick.


03. Deep Red
Now we are entering prime Argento territory. Deep Red or Profondo Rosso, is another mystery involving the pursuit of a serial killer, but what makes this film stick out from the rest in it’s genre is it’s stylish camera work and undeniably engaging story.


02. Suspiria
Widely regarded as Argento’s best film, Suspiria comes dangerously close to making this lists number one spot because of it’s beautiful set design, inescapable chills, remarkable gore and absolutely FANTASTIC score by Goblins. I’m not kidding when I say that, the score is so good it elevates the entire film.


01. Inferno
And when it comes down to my absolute favorite film Dario has done, Inferno takes the top spot. The movie incorporates all the magic from Suspiria while adding in even more terror and lush settings. Even with the rat death, this film still soars!



How do you feel about Dario Argento’s work? What do you think are his best and worst films?