We continue to set the romantic mood this Valentine’s Day week by doing what FTS does best. Oh you guessed it ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another new Movie Drinking Game. Movie Drinking games are tailored to a specific movie and generally consist of taking a drink or shot every time something is said or shown on screen. Here at French Toast Sunday, we want to give you guys a little something extra for your movie experience. Enjoy and movie-drink responsibly!

Valentine Drinking Game*


Valentine is a perfect movie to watch with a drinking game. It’s not 100% terrible, but it’s by no means good. There are some admirable attempts at scares and even gore. Oh yeah, and spoiler alert, Katherine Heigl totally dies!

*Drink with some fruity punch spiked with grain alcohol.

Take a drink whenever:

  • Someone gets a nosebleed
  • There is a fake jump scare
  • Someone is killed
  • Someone reads a creepy Valentine’s Day card
  • Someone says Cambell, Max, Jason Marquette (in full) or Jeremy Melton(in full)
  • Drinking / alchol is mentioned or shown
  • Terrible music is playing
  • Paige does something slutty

Bonus “He loves your trust fund” Challenge:

  • Take a shot whenever Rich Bitch Ruthie crashes an event/party


2 thoughts on “Movie Drinking Game: Valentine

  1. Not a bad idea! I always have fun making the drinking games and I kind of want everyone one to get together and do them in one night but we would probably die after the Bronson one lol.

    We do live commentary for the Oscars and that’s so fun so maybe I’ll pitch the idea of doing some commentary to our Drinking game movies. I think our next one is Skyline…HAHAHAHA

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