FTS Podcast  Episode 85: Dystopian Films. Jess, Marc, Lindsay and Rob join forces to talk about their favorite dystopian worlds depicted in film. Subscribe to our feed by clicking here!


Points of Interest:
  • Jess is a minor
  • What We Watched: Being Human, The Hunger Games and Green Street Hooligans
  • “Mini Rant: I hate animal activists” – Marc (being the new Will)
  • Top 3 Dystopian Films

7 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Episode 85: Dystopian Films

  1. Well we TALKED The Hunger Games! and they released another trailer although I doubt it will do much for your unimpressed-self Lindsay. It would’ve been lost on me too before reading the books though.

  2. Well YOU GET IT! You read it or whatever! And I watched the trailer yesterday and I’m still not convinced. I’m completely open minded on the film but the trailers just aren’t doing it for me!

  3. The Hunger Games movie/trailer seems to be giving a much more whimsical and PG13 experience than the dark and often brutal book. The story has potential to translate well, but I don’t know if the studio will be able to craft an accurate portrayal while making it teen rating friendly. Not sure what you guys heard, but Katniss is from a coal mining district and everyone is described as very pale with brown/black hair. I dig Jennifer Lawrence as the cast for Katniss.

    The Lists… no one but Lindsey with Children of Men!

    My Favorites: Children of Men, Gattaca, Ghost in the Shell

    Honorable Mention: The Bothersome Man, Akira

    • I think part of the un-badass vibe of the trailer is that they don’t really show much of the games. Hopefully they don’t hold back on that. I heard the effects from the tracker stings look disgusting which is good. I thought Lawrence was a great casting choice too. I’m still pumped and thought that what they do show in the trailer looks pretty faithful to the book.

  4. Seriously, I thought Children of Men would be on everyone’s list, the movie is insane. I’m still in need of a Gattaca watch and I’ve never heard of The Bothersome Man.

    But anyway, what I remembered reading was this:
    and she said she’s described in the book as having olive skin, which is very different than pale, and Lawrence is certainly tan in the trailer soooo idk. Like I said, I haven’t read it. And I don’t think this trailer is doing anything to make non readers interested in the film. It certainty doesn’t feel badass but like you touched on Dave, it seems much more teen-friendly.

    • The Bothersome Man is a Norwegian film with a Wristcutters: A Love Story vibe. A man finds himself in a world that outwardly appears perfect. People are kind and everything is provided, even sexual matches. But unfortunately, he finds this new life to be void of emotion and heartless.

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