January is known to be the movie dumping ground of the year. Studios are riding off of their holiday season releases, and don’t seem to want to put out any strong competitors. This month I am only really interested in seeing two movies, with a few others with DVD potential. There’s just a whole lot of eh going around. (List by Jess)

January 6

The Devil Inside

Everyone in FTS cringed when you saw “this is a real 911 call” in the trailer. You are not fooling anyone! Well there are always a few people who sadly think it might be true. I could not care less about another manufactured found footage crap movie ala Apollo 18. Would Rather Re-Watch: The Last Exorcism 

January 13

Beauty & the Beast 3D
Not much to say about this other than Disney is planning on cashing in. Would Rather Re-Watch: My VHS copy for nostalgia’s sake

Well, we know Will is excited for this one! Too bad it doesn’t really look all that exciting. Could be decent but there is not much to set it apart from other crime flicks. Would Rather Re-Watch: The Town

Joyful Noise
Oh my, wiki describes the plot with “Tough times in the town lead to budget problems that threaten to close down the choir, at the same time as the town needs the choir’s inspiring music more than ever”. This just looks like nothing I would ever be interested in watching. I would also rather not watch Dolly Parton for any sort of extended amount of time. Would Rather Re-Watch: Sister Act

January 20

A movie I am actually excited to see. Steven Soderbergh + a badass female character + Michael Fassbender pretty much sold me. Why this is being released in the midst of these other clunkers only slightly worries me.

Red Tails
I saw this trailer in theaters all the way back when Drive came out. It does not interest me anymore all these months later. It sort of looks over-sentimental and less gritty than your usual war film. Would Rather Watch: The Tuskagee Airmen, which is a 1995 HBO-produced movie telling the exact same story which was well-received at the time

Underworld: Awakening
Apparently this is the month of Kate Beckinsale for better or worse… She follows up her role in Contraband with this 4th installment of the Underworld franchise. This movie seems to be following the route of Resident Evil, using the use of 3D technology to warrant producing another sequel of a poorly received series. I suppose big fans of the series will come out for this, and if they have the luck of Resident Evil: Afterlife it will make more at the box office than any of its predecessors.  Would Rather Watch: An American Werewolf in London, which I’ve always heard is a pretty great werewolf-flick

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
The second movie this month that I would like to check out. I’ve always heard fantastic things about the book by Jonathon Safron Foer. This film looks like it could be pretty great, but has gotten very mixed reviews so far sitting rather rotten. Looks like a tear-fest but with an interesting story I wouldn’t mind shedding a few.

January 27

The Grey
Another movie that doesn’t exactly look terrible, but just doesn’t strike me from the trailer. It was the only movie on this list that I had to actually look up because I forgot what it was. This movie seems to be riding off the idea that Liam Neeson kicking ass is usually entertaining in any capacity, and I usually have to agree. Would Rather Re-Watch: Taken

Man on a Ledge
Lindsay liked this movie enough. Check out her review coming soon.

One for the Money
Oh god no, not another Katherine Heigl disaster. This movie is actually based on the first book in a long running series by best-selling author Janet Evanovich following a bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum. I’m pretty much turned off automatically by Heigl, but I have a feeling the target audience of this series probably doesn’t feel the same. Would Rather Re-Watch: Knocked Up, back in the day when Hiegl wasn’t the worst

7 thoughts on “Winter Film Guide: January 2012

  1. An American Werewolf in London is awesome! We should watch it together.
    Also, I'm actually very interested in seeing The Grey because I feel like the subject matter deals closely with real life tragedy that Liam Neeson had to deal with (loosing his wife.) It seems like the project might hold some personal passion from him.


  2. Great list! I'm so excited for Haywire I literally might explode before it comes out.

    PS: To Lindsay, you actually tapped into one of the reasons I'm avoiding The Grey! It looks so damn depressing because of aforementioned real life tragedy! So many props for him to be able to work out his demons creatively, but…I already feel so bad for the poor badass!

  3. @Hufstader: Haywire looks so awesome! I was thinking the same thing as Jess, like why is this coming out in January??

    Also, I feel so nervous watching the trailer. The subject matter is just so close to home. -Lindasy

  4. Haywire was pretty damn solid – y’all should have a review of that up! Go see it if you haven’t yet.

    LOL @ Contraband – that bit on the podcast where you analyze Ribisi’s accent/Lindsay’s theory of all of the accents in that flick was hilarious.

  5. Ditto to what Jess said. I guess the lack of screenings this month is making me miss all these solid January contenders.

    And yeah, Giovanni’s accent is fucking wild in the movie. I love it.

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