Just a little biweekly poll here at FTS, just a little question of This or That? What do you prefer and why? You can take any reasoning you want but you must chose one over the other. The poll can also be found on the sidebar of the blog page.

Scrooged beat out fan favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas in the last This or That poll with a 10-7 victory.

The new match-up:
2010 in film

OR 2011 in film

VOTE NOW! This or That?


2 thoughts on “This or That? 2010 in Film Vs. 2011 in Film

  1. I figured 2010 would win, but this is embarrassing for 2011. The true winner won't be revealed for 5 years or so, though. It's fun to look back and think, "man, wtf were we thinking with [insert film here]?"

  2. @Dylan: I was wondering if 2010 would sweep as hard as it did. I agree that time will help sort things out but overall, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement this year. -Lindsay

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