With this new week comes a whole new calendar year and our first ever BABE OF THE YEAR. Yes, normally FTS works out a Babe of The Week every Thursday for your viewing pleasure. But since 2012 is upon us, I thought it would be a great chance to crown someone that really out-babed themselves in 2011. So without further ado, check out these lovely photos of our babe of the year:

Ryan Gosling
(Oh and we wrote a few words too, but we forgive you if you’re too busy drooling to notice.)

Ryan takes the title this year for his tremendous efforts on screen as well as the not so effort fueled Hey Girl memes and Sexiest Man Alive campaigns. Stare at those bedroom eyes and I have not doubt you’ll be saying “Bradly Who?”

Here is Gosling in Ides of March, where he still managed to look handsome next to the Ultimate in handsome, Mr. George Clooney. (see below)

In Crazy, Stupid Love, Ryan really outdid himself. We are with you Emma Stone, he does look photoshopped.

Drive gave us a Ryan Gosling character that only speaks when spoken to and has no name. No one was complaining.

Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling! spawned one of the best memes of 2011. Here’s our favorite ‘Hey Girl’ pics.

This was too funny not to include. Check our babe out in Funny or Die’s Christmas Edition of Drunk History 

And of course, Ryan is a lover not a fighter! Watch as Ryan breaks up a fight between strangers.

Was there anyone else more deserving this year?

We didn’t think so!

Babe of the Week is a feature on FTS where we pick some hot hottie that caught our eye to showcase a little about. For more information on the Babe of the Week feature you can read more about it hereAnd to view the past Babes, feel free to peruse here.

5 thoughts on “The 2011 Babe of the Year Is…

  1. Hard to argue with this pick – he's been everywhere (even more than Fassbender) and the ladies certainly do love him (and he comes off as a guy's guy, too, which doesn't hurt). Nice choice.

  2. Great babe of the year! I don't even swing that way, and still I can't argue with his puppy dog eyes. 2011 was without a doubt a good break out year for him, and I've got to say, I like what I've seen from him. Here's to hoping he keeps it up!

  3. @Dylan: The only other two we really considered for this was Fassbender and Jessica Chastain but we decided that they could only be crowned Babe of The Year if they had already been featured as a Babe of The Week during the year.

    @Hufstader: This was definitely a great year for him. I'm always interested in film roles he chooses and so far I haven't been disappointed.


  4. Yep, I would go with Fass My Benders as well, Gosling looks amazing, but I don't like his egocentric way of acting, in which he always plays the same person and never gets into the character like real character actors do. But he is hot, that's true :)

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