FTS Podcast  Episode 84: Directorial Debuts. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, comes together to list off their favorite directorial debuts. Also, Will rants about his You Should Watch This film Paris is Burning and as clear as an azure sky of deepest summer, Rob dissects A Clockwork Orange Subscribe to our feed by clicking here!


Points of Interest:
  • Nick is here. WELL HELLO THERE!
  • What We Watched: Harper’s Island, Apollo 18, Tabloid, The King’s Speech, The Artist, House, and Shrine
  • Top 3 Directorial Debuts
  • YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: Will watches Marc’s pick Paris Is Burning
  • YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: Rob watches Will’s pick A Clockwork Orange

8 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Episode 84: Directorial Debuts

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  2. A few directors I think you missed–

    Jean-Pierre Jeunet–Delicatessen. Funny, weird, and worth watching.
    Clint Eastwood–Play Misty for Me. The original stalker film.
    Darren Aronofsky–Pi. There’s a straight line from this film to where he is now.

    • All valid choices for sure. I’m not a big fan of Pi but Delicatessen is interesting enough and I’m surprised that Will didn’t include Play Misty For Me!

    • I’ve never seen “Play Misty for Me” but I am actually a fan of Clint Eastwood’s directing (believe it or not). I’m definitely going to be checking it out.

      Pi was pretty good, completely forgot about that one.

  3. The big omission for me was Wes Anderson, though were it not for Rob (bless his soul), I was ready to take you all to task for not including Tarantino – Dogs is nowhere near my favorite QT flick, but it’s still awesome and considering his filmography and esteem and all that, he woulda been my #1 as well.

    I was waiting for Marc and Will to come to blows over Paris is Burning. Good refereeing, Linds. For once, I think I agreed with Will (not that I’ve seen the flick, just going off of what everyone was saying). Which means I’m just another asshole alienating Marc and the rest of those gay, black men out there. 😉 Seriously, though, it does sound like the focus of the film is pretty narrow, and if you can’t get in to the “ball” aspect of it, it sounds a little inclusive.

    • I’ve never seen Bottle Rocket! Plus I just said I need to give Reservoir Dogs a second chance so I can’t throw it on my personal list.

      I agree with Will too. I should probably give Paris Is Burning a chance but I was gathering from what Will was saying that it might not be as compelling as I initially hoped.

    • THANK YOU. Apparently having an opinion on a film makes me racist and affiliation-ist (if that’s even a thing). If you want a good documentary about homosexuality check out “Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt” or “For the Bible Tells Me So” the former is about the aids epidemic and the latter is all about the way the right-wingers in this country distort the bible to support their prejudices.

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