The box office presence of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is winning over audiences and critics alike. The fourth installment in the Mission Impossible series, Ghost Protocol currently holds a staggering 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the critics consensus noting

“Stylish, fast-paced, and loaded with gripping set pieces, the fourth Mission: Impossible is big-budget popcorn entertainment that really works.”

All of us here at FTS have to agree on this one, we loved it! So take a minute to hear my plea on why you should check out MI4 in theaters while you still have the chance.

1. The Return Of Action

Alright look, I like superhero movies as much as the next guy – well, maybe not that much – but honestly let’s get something else in the theaters! Almost every “action” movie that has came out this year has had something to do with some super hero, super human. It’s becoming tiresome in my opinion, especially since none of them have lived up to the fun and enjoyment that Iron Man brought me. Mission Impossible brings us some ridiculously awesome action that happens right here on earth. I’ll take the tallest building in Dubai and sand storm car chases over the rainbow bridge and hammer throwing and day of the week.

2. Brad Bird with Real People

For those wondering, Brad Bird directed Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. But Brad’s resume is not one you would expect to be behind this latest action installment. The work Brad is known for include his direction credits for films like Ratatouille, The Incredibles and The Iron Giant. The Incredibles snagged Bird the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and made him a staple at Pixar. Now, he tries his hand at directing actors in real time and does a damn fine job. So far all of his films have been met with universal appeal, which begs the question, what can’t this guy do?

3. Paula Patton Is Kind Of A Bodacious Badass
That’s right, I used the word ‘bodacious.’ All I ask is that you credit me the next time you work it into a sentence. Anyway… Paula Patton is a beautiful creature. Thankfully, beyond starting at her chesticles for 2 hours, we are also treated to some female badassery coming from the lovely lead. While Patton doesn’t get the most screen time, or have any real acting hurdles to jump, she does get to join in on the fun. She’s a believable female action lead: sexy, stong and human. And did we mention you get to see her do this:

4. IMAX Format Is Worth The Extra $$

Normally, I’m skeptical to drop an extra $5 on any film, be it for the IMAX quality, 3D or whatever. But I heard that Brad Bird directed about 30 minutes of footage with the IMAX format so I decided to give it a whirl. Here’s what Brad Bird had to say about filming:

“When we were first looking at the image of Tom climbing the Burj, in the long shots we could not only see the traffic in the reflections when he presses down on the glass… But you actually saw the glass warp slightly because of the pressure of his hand. You would never see that in 35mm. The fact that the screen fills your vision and is super sharp seems more life-like.” 

If paying a little extra for this kind of experience is something you only do once in a blue moon, make it this film. The image quality and sound is so stunning and immersive, I think you’ll be happy with your choice.

5. Tom Cruise Is Back In Form And Relevant In Film Again

Despite all the craziness that surrounds Tom Cruise’s personal life, I think people really want to like the guy. He’s been in many famous films over the past years and is without a doubt a name synonomous with A-List. But Cruise’s career is winding down a little, proabaly as a result of his personal antics. With the exception of his hilarious cameo in Tropic Thunder, the last memorable film he’s made was…maybe the last Mission Impossible? So it’s about time he got out there and did something worthwhile. In MI4, Cruise is back in form and reminding audiences that he’s still got a few tricks to show off.

6. Simon Pegg Makes Everyone Smile

It’s hard for me to elaborate on this one! Simon Pegg is just so damn likable. He is the comic relief of the film, always funny and never over the top. Basically he’s the hilarious cherry on the action packed sundae (if that analogy makes any sense at all.)

7. Support Jeremy Renner’s Career

Seriously, have you seen the man? He’s had everyone’s attention since his Oscar-nominated performance in The Hurt Locker and hasn’t slowed down since. So if you haven’t watched him in The Town (another Oscar-nominated role) then do yourself a favor and see Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol while it’s still in theaters (ah, see what I did there??)


Are you planning on seeing Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol?  Or if you have already seen it, what did you think?