Here at FTS we want to give a random weekly top 10 list about..well whatever we want.

Top 10 Matt Damon Moments
(In no particular order)
10. “It’s not your fault.” Good Will Hunting

Sure the bar scene from GWH is memorable, but this scene between Damon and Williams is so emotional and touching. Gets me all the time.
9. Final Scene Rounders (spoilers)

So obviously this will be a spoiler if you haven’t yet watched the film. This makes the list #1 because I’m  a huge fan of Rounders and #2 I love seeing Damon battle against John Malkovich.

8 Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey

This impression is so spot on and makes me crack up every time I watch it.
7. Kicking Ass in The Bourne Trilogy 
So there’s tons of awesome fights throughout the Bourne films and to be honest, this wasn’t even the one I was looking for, but it’s still pretty exciting (and one of the best ones I could find.)
6. Linus Lost in Translation Ocean’s 12

A lot of people hate on the Ocean’s sequels but I admit I am still fond of them. This scene in Ocean’s 12 lets Damon use some of those comedic chops.
5. Damon on Sarah Palin

Matt Damon is always very well spoken in interviews and I like the fact that he doesn’t shy away from his political viewpoints. Another great video of a similar vein can be watched here.

4. Singing with Sarah Silverman
Jimmy Kimmel’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman made this hysterical video “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” It’s so ridiculous, I love it.

3Apperance in The Handsome Men’s Club
Keep watching… it’s all about the laugh.


2. The Talented Mr. Ripley (spoilers)
This is probably my favorite Matt Damon film so I had to include something from it on the list. I included a scene I thought was fitting even though I had a really hard time choosing between this and another from the film. But be warned there are spoilers.

1. Scotty Doesn’t Know
The sex comedy Eurotrip seemed a little like a Road Trip knockoff, but it has a few really funny characters and a handful of quotable lines. But the best part? Matt Damon.

What are some of your favorite Matt Damon moments?