I was watching Cyrus the other day and I noticed Marisa Tomei. Noticed that for an older woman, she looked pretty good while stripping down. Honestly, she’s looked pretty good in a few things recently. After the movie, I mosied over to IMDB to check her out. Turns out all the while I’m thinking “looking good little lady” its really “looking good ma’am?” She’s 46 years old! That practically makes her an old lady, right? So I decided to take a look at some women I wasn’t quite sure of age wise and what I found was unexpected to say the least. The following are my surprising hotties over 40.

The List Catalyst 

 Marisa Tomei turns 47 this December. She played a believable stripper in The Wrestler just 3 years ago and looked exceptional(wink wink) in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

The Original Cougar
Diane Lane will be 47 in a couple months. If you don’t know where the MILF craze came from, let me tell you it wasn’t from American Pie. The Pie was pure jest and foolhardy fun. Unfaithful and Mrs. Lane are why 40 is the new 30, and 30 is the new 20. 

The Tomcat
Famke Jansen‘s 47. See that smirk? There’s a reason she played Jean Grey/Phoenix. I’m willing to bet, much like the characters, she can be a bit fiery.

The Other Cat
Halle Berry, you’re a gorgeous 45 and even made the list despite that horrid career tarnishing, vomit inducing, hideous abomination Catwoman.

Smart Is Hot
If Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, Tina Fey brought nerdy back. At 41 she’s looking mighty fine. Is she the ideal mix of brains and beauty? If she isn’t, I don’t know what is.

The Cutie
Winona Ryder, You could still pinch her cheeks at 40. And those big eyes…. Oh, do I love ’em.

The Blonde
Heather Graham is 41, seems her body didn’t get the memo.

The Classy Blonde
Naomi Watts, now 43, is a rarity so scarce only one other comes to mind. Charlize has her big 40 not too far off now that I think about it

Forever 21
Sarah Silverman turns 41 this year. With the right makeup and outfit she could still play a college grad. Amazing!

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston. <— See that, it’s a period and yes, she’s in a category all her own. She’ll be a young 43 this winter.

David’s Favorite
Mary-Louise Parker: This woman is now 47! I would do terrible things, disgusting things to hook up with her. Unforgivable things.


Anti-Gravity Lifetime Achievement Award
Helen Mirren is 63 years old. She looks exceptional for anyone, I repeat anyone at that age.