FTS Podcast  Episode 70: Tired Movie Plots. The crew gets into a heated debate (basically everyone vs. Will) about the way women are portrayed in the media. Oh and we also find time to fit in our lists for movie plots we are completely tired of. Subscribe to our feed by clickinhere!


Points of Interest:
  • What We Watched: Scary Movie, Bridesmaids, Transformers 3, Forget Me Not, Dream House & Trollhunter
  • heated debate about the way women are portrayed in the media
  • YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: Will watched Jess’ pick Blow Up
  • YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: Jess watches Marc’s pick Imitation Of Life

4 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Episode 70: Tired Movie Plots

  1. @flockofdgulls YES! I apologize for slacking on the feed. I was a little late getting this one out but I will correct that asap!


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