Bored with friends on a Friday night? Need to get rid of some beer? Try out a movie drinking game. Movie Drinking games are tailored to a specific movie and generally consist of taking a drink or shot every time something is said or shown on screen. The issue I have with a lot of movie drinking games I come across is that they are really basic and uncreative. That’s no fun. So here at French Toast Sunday, we decided we would take a shot (pun intended?) at creating some of our own drinking games with a little flavor. First up, let’s try out a favorite film of ours:

Black Dynamite
Drinking Game*
*Of course, for this game we recommend drinking malt liquor.

Take a drink whenever:

You see boobies
Bullhorn makes a rhyme 
A boom mic is visible on screen
Black Dynamite’s kung fu is interrupted
A song narrates a scene
A car goes over a cliff
Orphan/orphanage is mentioned
Characters speak in unison

Take a drink whenever someone says:

now this is some heavy shit”
“put yo’ ankle in it”
code Kansas”

Chug your drink whenever someone says:
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (after you drink it would probably be a good idea if everyone playing said OOOOOOOOOOOO! out loud together. You know, for group bonding.)

Bonus Kung Fu Treachery Challenge:
Take a shot whenever Black Dynamite obviously overreacts to a situation or character (keep a look out for those crazy eyes!)