FTS Podcast episode 47: In episode 47 we have a nice talk about the top 3 heist movies and favorite movies starting with the letter “B.”


Points of Interest:
  • Fever dreams and hot flashes
  • What We Watched: Tron Legacy, All About Eve, Hanna, & Your Highness
  • Check out Jessica’s post on All About Eve
  • LAMB Movie of the Month: Black Dynamite
  • Hangover 2 News
  • The Crow Reboot
  • Filming of The Hobbit
  • Top 3 Heist Movies
  • Favorite movies starting with the letter B

3 thoughts on “FTS Podcast 47 Heist Films

  1. I'm actually working on it, I just switched hosting. I promise I'll throw you and LAMB the link as soon as I have it!

  2. Excellent! I'm afraid I don't spend much time listening to podcasts while actually online – much is done during the commute, feeding the baby, etc…looking forward to it!

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