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This week: The Ladies of Sucker Punch
Why? Because the Sucker Punch trailer is about every 13 year old boys wet dream, and badass chicks are always hot.

Emily Browning

Abbie Cornish
Jamie Chung

Jena Malone

Vanessa Hudgens
Sucker Punch is out this Friday March 25th.

One thought on “Babe of the Week: The Ladies Of Sucker Punch

  1. Some of my thoughts:
    1. I like Emily Browning and think she looks great as a blonde.
    2. Abbie who?
    3. Jamie Chung originally got noticed from being on the Real World. Pretty cool. Also, she's going to play Ed Helm's fiance in the Hangover 2.
    4. I always enjoy Jena Malone and am excited to see her again in a film.
    5. At first I was like "really Vanessa Hudgens?" But after more thought I'm kind of rooting for her to do well in a role that's not in a Disney-type movie.

    I am so excited to see Sucker Punch! I always love seeing girls kick some ass and the visuals look stunning.

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