Here at FTS we want to give a random weekly top 10 list about..well whatever we want.

Top 10 Anticipated Movies of 2011 (in order of potential release dates)

01. Sucker Punch
Come on Zack Snyder, don’t let us down! This movie has the possibility of being awesome or tragic, we’ll have to wait and see.

02. Hanna
I can not WAIT to see this. Saoirse Ronan is fantastic and this trailer is fucking stellar. Check it out and tell me she doesn’t look badass.

03. Scream 4
I hope it’s good. That’s all I have to say.

04. Super 8
I’m a big fan of Cloverfield & Star Trek and am eagerly awaiting to see what Super 8 brings to the table.

05. Captain America
Too busy drooling…

06. Cowboys & Aliens
The title of this movie leaves a lot to be desired but the trailer fills the void. Maybe there will finally be a good tech meets west movie in the sea of failures.

07. Untitled Muppet Movie

The rumored cast here is so bonkers that this movie is a can’t miss. It currently includes Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Zach Galifianakis, Rashida Jones, Ed Helms, Ricky Gervais, Jack Black, Danny Trejo, John Krasinski, Chris Cooper, Alan Arkin, &
Billy Crystal. Oh yeah and the freaking MUPPETS!!

08. Hugo Cabret
Martin Scorsese directing Chloe Moretz, Emily Mortimer, Jude Law, Michael Pitt, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley , & Ray Winstone in a film set in 1930’s Paris?? Sign me up!!

09. Sherlock Holmes 2
I don’t know many specifics on this sequel but I have been excited to see this since the first one came out. Bring on the Holmes!

10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (remake)
As skeptical I am of Rooney Mara and her what-the-fuck-is-that haircut, I also immensely intrigued. I trust director David Fincher enough that he will be able to bring out great performances for the cast and that this will be a worthwhile update.

What are your thoughts on these flicks? What movies are you looking forward to this year?