FTS takes a look at some of our favorite web stuff for each of the 10 best picture nominees for this years Oscar hopefuls check out our links as FTS Linkage points you in the direction of some interesting articles/pictures/videos/websites/etc
Black Swan
Want to match up a tasty treat for your favorite Oscar film? Victoria Haschka over at huffingtonpost.com is doing a week long Oscar series as well, offering up delicious treats for each Oscar contender 
Feel the pressure to be perfect. Check out the viral marketing site for Black Swan that feature a collection of disturbing video clips from the film.

Keeping tabs on Darren A.  This tumblr site is dedicated to reblogging all things about Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. See some photos, videos and audio on the film. 

Poster artwork for the film.  /film brings us the images of the International posters for the film showcasing  some beautiful artwork.
Need a little comedy?  The SNL cast along with host Jim Carrey do their best in this goofy Black Swan parody.