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Top 10 Movies That Make Me Cry

10. Toy Story 3 – Even though this movie only came out this year, I have already seen it three times and it’s so hard not to cry. If you in your early 20s, you grew up watching the Toy Story series and the last installment is so full of emotion you can’t help but shed a tear for the characters you have come to know so well. Even if they are just toys. I cry at the dump scene and the end.

09. Big Fish -This is probably the last Tim Burton movie I really enjoyed. There is beautiful storytelling in the film and the ending is so beautiful it just fills you heart. I cry at the end.

08. Titanic Titanic came out when I was pretty young but watching it as an adult I can really appreciate all that James Cameron was able to put into the film. Its usually when the inevitable iceberg comes along  that I start to get mushy and think “This really is *sobs* a good movie *sobs*” I cry at the last 30 minutes.

07. The Notebook – So watching this movie the first time I obvious had tears. An amazingly beautiful and simple love story that transitions into old age makes it pretty hard not to be overcome by the tears. But on subsequent viewings of the film, knowing the ending, its damn near impossible not to cry, like all the time. I cry, just all the time during The Notebook.
06. Atonement -The story of a love torn apart, and the little bitch that should have known better. Atonement is a gorgeous movie full of real emotion. There is plenty to be said about this fine film but I’ll just say see it. I cry at the end.

05. My Girl – This movie is ridiculously sad for a kids movie. I remember thinking “WHY AM I WATCHING THIS *SOBSOBSOB*??!?” I basically cry when SPOILER ALERT the boy dies. Omg, I gotta stop thinking about it now.

04. Dear Zachary: A Letter to A Son About His Father – This is really powerful documentary that will move you from emotional, to sad to furious. The way the story unfolds is too much to be just explained away and is a must see. I cry during testimonials and yep, at the ending. 

03. Forrest Gump – I hear there are people that hate Forrest Gump? I don’t care, I love Tom Hanks in FG. It’s kind of hard to not fall in love with his character. I cry SPOILER ALERT when he meets his son and all that.

02. 10 Things I Hate About You – I know people might think this is such an odd choice, but first and foremost 10 Things is really a fantastic movie. Thanks to the cast, it is a really fresh take on Shakespeare’s old tale. I don’t really cry much in this movie, only at one part, but I cry EVERY time and I have seen it a lot. I cry when Julia Stiles reads her 10 Things poem in class.
01. American Beauty – People may think of this as another weird choice for the list, but even thinking or describing the part in the movie I cry at makes me well up. I cry when SPOILER ALERT Spacey dies but what really really gets me is when Annette Benning goes to the closet and grabs all of his clothes and just hugs them. AHHH, I’m seriously fighting back tears right now haha! It’s just the way that one action so accurately describes the way she was feeling right then. Like even though she was so unhappy the thought of never being able to see or feel him again was so scary and depressing. Great movie.

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