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Do you love movies AND have a photographic memory? Well then this might be the game for you. Over at Film Wise they have a weekly “Invisibles Quiz” that takes the actors our of a scene in a movie and let’s you try to guess the name. Go test your skills now!
Have you ever watched a fake movie trailer and wished it was real? , Well it seems as though that dream could become a reality! Eli Roth caught wind of a fake trailer titled Clown boldly announcing “From the Master of Horror Eli Roth” and thought fantastic! Now he’s producing a film based off of it. 
& WATCH: The ClownTrailer
Anyone been keeping up with the new South Park season? So far this hasn’t been my favorite season of SP so i hope the show will turn around. But there has been one really fun edition to the show. While this may not be movie related…