Hello blog readers how is everyone today? Now that the weekend is here I’m doing much better! I’d like to announce a few things at the start of this weekend about the site and members.

Things concerning the site:

  • New layout! Please tell me what you like/dislike and any suggestions you have.
  • New rating system underway. FTS members are currently working hard to develop a new way to rate movies here on the site and podcast. This new system will hopefully allow for more accurate reviews and give the readers/listeners a better understanding of what we want to say about the film. 

  • New podcasts and video reviews are coming. Along with a new podcast format, we will possibly be adding a new podcast all together. We are in talks now to determine the feasible changes we can make. Also, there are plans for video reviews.

Personal business:
The majority of the FTS staff will be away on vacation til late next week. A few posts should be in effect and ill try to get them out. But we just wanted to say thanks so much for listening and visiting!

And that’s pretty much it for now! Anyone watch any good movies lately?