FTS Podcast (6-10-10) episode 12: 

Points of Interest:

  • A-Team, Mr T
  • Shutter Island
  • Speed intros after we talk about House Arrest for a while
  • Trouble at the box office
  • Hurt Locker lawsuit
  • Talks about piracy
  • Netflix Recommendations
  • Primer is confusing
  • COLLECTORS CORNER (Check out they’re website here!)
  • RIP video stores
  • Sal mouths off about LOST talk
  • Top 3 movies to take on a desert island
  • We talk about Twilight again somehow
  • Sigorney Weaver looks good

Photos/Videos Talked About On The Show:

Trailer for Primer

atch the whole movie here
A-TEAM theme song
Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show