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I love Role Models
Specifically the following 5 things. In no order.
1. Paul Rudd’s Coffee Speech
Paul Rudd’s character Danny hates life. He hates his job and the idiots that surround him. A feeling that I think a lot of us can relate to. So when Danny has to battle a barista at a coffeee shop about proper names for drink sizes, hilarity ensues.
2. Jane Lynch
To be honest, anything Jane Lynch is in sort of automatically puts her in my “favorite things”category. But she is at the absolute top of her game in the movie. She undoubtedly steals every scene that she’s in. Check out an example below.
3. Wheeler’s Life Proverbs
Wheeler is the exact opposite of Danny. A free spirited party guy that loves his job. He is also full of infinite wisdom:

“Let me give you a little motto I live my life by. You gotta hit it and quit it. No ties, tangle free, nobody tells me what to do, I go bang, bang, bang the drum.” – Wheeler

(not really his wisdom, but funny nevertheless)
4. L.A.I.R.E.

Quite possibly one of the biggest nerd activities ever, but this movie actually makes it look like a lot of fun.
 And of course…
5. Minotaur TASTE THE BEAST!
One of the best faux-movie brands ever.