Hello again! It’s time to  give you the 411 on new movies out this summer. Here’s your complete: Guide to Summer at the Cinema 2010: MAY

May 7
Iron Man 2
Who’s excited? I’M EXCITED!
May 14
Robin Hood
To be honest, I really couldn’t care less about this Robin Hood installment. I looks like Gladiator in Medieval times. I also dislike Russel Crow.
Ok, there is a very small possibility that this movie could be a cute little thing but it seems to formulaic and uninteresting to even attempt to care. Sorry Seyfried.

May 21

Shrek Forever After

The final chapter? Really? Let’s hope so. While I am a fan of the Shrek series, they have lost mojo (no pun intended) with each installment. It seems fairly obvious to me that this is just a quick pull at your wallet.
I was skeptical when I heard this was being made. The trailers helped ease my mind a little. But from what I hear, this movie is supposedly pretty funny so I’m sure I’ll probably enjoy it.
May 27

Sex and the City 2

These woman have to hate each other at this point. Too much old and good shoes to not have a feud of some sort.

May 28
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Looks like Disney’s attempt at another possible Pirates like franchise. I still have no idea how it will turn out and what the reaction will be. All I know is the cast is a whole lotta YUM.


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