The Back Up Plan beats out The Losers at the box office

If you enjoy exciting and funny action movies, The Losers is the right film for you. Unfortunately, audiences think it would be a good idea to see The Back-Up Plan instead. So you know what that means… soon enough we’ll have the pleasure of seeing another stupid movie about how cute pregnancy and relationships are. I think the next one will star Kate Gosling and her 8 children. All is well when she meets the guy of her dreamiest dreams who happens to love her even though she has 8 big pieces of baggage. But oh no, now a 9th kid is on the way AND her evil ex Jon wants to try to win back her affection! Don’t worry though, I’m sure everything will work out in the end for…The Perfect Ten.

In other news: new podcasts have been edited and will soon be posted! Some great lists and new segments have been added and hopefully I can structure the posts and audio a little better for all the listeners. Also I know some demand has been said about older episodes that we have done including episodes of Bullshit Beta, which is a podcast we used to do that was completely free form. I would love to get these up asap but they are very long and the rough audio is hard to edit. After I am caught up with FTScasts then ill look into polishing the BB turds and also look into some different hosting to house all the audio. Hopefully the site will continue to progress and become a lively active blogsite. Thanks so much for listening and be sure to become a member and follow us. (It’s easy if you have a gmail account and if you don’t, get one!)

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